Sophia Bush is trolled "every second of every day".

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

The 35-year-old actress has taken to social media to slam the "groups of 'fans'" who "endlessly" slate her and attack her life choices because the hurtful comments she is regularly subjected to leaves her feeling like "s**t".

The brunette beauty spoke out about the naysayers in a string of honest posts on Twitter. She wrote: "Being alerted to groups of "fans" ripping your life, choices, and happiness apart in private chats feels like shit y'all. Truly.

"2. Being endlessly attached by trolls and bitched at for every single thing you do, also feels like s**t. You can't please everyone?

"3. Well you sure can be ripped by everyone. Every day. Endlessly. You think I'm too private? That I owe you something? (sic)."

The 'John Tucker Must Die' star has urged her critiques to practice "kindness" and to "be better" individuals instead of targeting her when they "don't know" her.

She continued: "What does it need to

"4. be for kindness to be practice, and for something you don't like to not get "A Beautiful Mind" level, INSANE plot and dissertation?

"5. You don't know me. You don't know anyone that you don't know personally, in fact. Remember that we're all human. And try to be better.

"6. At, you know, being a HUMAN too. (sic)."

But Sophia has revealed this is not the first time the "haters" have insulted her and she has admitted she is used to the spiteful remarks as she doesn't consider their comments to be "original".

She added: "7. And yes, for those asking. It's literally EVERY GD second of EVERY GD day. So haters? You're not even original. I've heard it all! (sic)."

And Sophia's 'One Tree Hill' co-star Hilarie Burton - who portrayed Peyton Sawyer in the series - has supported her colleague.

She replied to Sophia's rant saying: "PREACH Sis!!!! You're a GD diamond! (sic)."

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