Sophia Bush needed a week away from the internet to mourn the loss of her beloved dog Penny.

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

The 36-year-old actress took to Instagram on Thursday evening (11.04.19) to pay homage to her late rescue pooch, who suddenly passed away last week, and the star admitted that she has "laughed, cried and missed" her canine friend with an "ache that is hard to describe", whilst advocating fans to adopt a dog because it "changes your life".

The 'One Tree Hill' star captioned a slideshow of cute photos of Penny: "It's been a week. Still not quite sure what to say, but I needed a break from the internet. Needed to be quiet and hold my heart in the tender comfort of best friends and community. We lost our sweet Penny girl last Thursday. We knew it was coming, but we didn't know how quickly the day would be upon us. For the last seven days we've cried, laughed, and missed her with an ache that is hard to describe. We've traded photos, and been so supported by our loved ones.

"I loved Penny from the moment I met her. She was a special, wild, rambunctious little thing. Tiny. Sweet. With giant ears, always at attention. Penny brought me my best friend. @jsmizzie met Penny before she even met me, while I was gone for the weekend and friends in NC were watching my little copper penny puppy, and Patch. The first thing Jenny ever said to me was "I love your dogs!" It's still an inside joke in our house, to this day. Penny was our mascot. Our welcome wagon. And our guard dog. She helped me, Jenny, @vanessamagos, and Patch survive Griffin's puppyhood, which was insufferable at times. And even into their adulthood, Penny cleaned his ears every evening around sundown. They were inseparable. Always touching. Always sleeping in a tangled pretzel. Seeing him look for her in the house makes my heart catch in my throat. He misses her too. We all do. Sure, Penny was mine, but she was truly ours. She was family.

"Adopt a dog if you've ever wanted to. It'll change your life. It'll blow your heart open and teach you how big it is. It'll fill your house with laughter and love. And leave you better than you were before. Sending big love to all the rescuers out there. There's never enough time, but there's more than enough love to go around. #AdoptDontShop #PennyliciousThePup @pitbullsofinstagram (sic)"

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