Sofia Vergara hailed her husband Joe Manganiello "divine" on his 45th birthday.

Sofia Vergara sends birthday wishes to husband Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara sends birthday wishes to husband Joe Manganiello

The 49-year-old Colombian-American actress - who has been married to the 'Magic Mike' star since 2015 - took to social media to gush over her "divino husband", which means "divine" in English, as they celebrated the occasion on Tuesday (28.12.21).

Alongside a throwback photo of the pair, she wrote on Instagram: "Happy bday to you my divino husband!!! I love you so much!!!"(sic)

Following her social media post, Joe also took to Instagram to share snaps from the birthday celebrations, including a meal out at a steak restaurant.

He simply captioned the post with the number "45", but several celebrities were quick to send their best wishes to the star.

Podcast host Dan Telfer wished Joe a happy birthday in a message which also featured a dragon emoji, whilst 52-year-old photographer John Russo joked in the comments: "joeeeeee! Catching up" (sic.)

Meanwhile, earlier this year a judge has ruled in favour of Sofia in her long-running dispute with her former partner over frozen embryos.

The 'Modern Family' actress and Nick Loeb ended their engagement in May 2014, the year after they underwent in vitro fertilisation treatment together, and shortly after their split, the businessman had sought to gain full custody of the fertilised eggs to have them implanted in a surrogate.

In 2017, Sofia - who has an adult son named Manolo from a previous relationship - filed legal documents in an attempt to block Nick from being able to use the embryos without her written consent and in March, a court agreed to grant her a permanent injunction which would stop her former partner from being able to use the fertilised eggs to "create a child without the explicit written permission of the other person."

Nick, 46, accused the judge of being "influenced by Hollywood" when making the ruling.

He said in a statement: "[The judge] was clearly influenced by Hollywood, which is a pattern I expose in my upcoming film Roe v. Wade.

"It's sad that Sofia, a devout Catholic, would intentionally create babies just to kill them."

According to court records, the former couple had signed a document at the fertility clinic where they were treated which stated both parties had to agree in order to do anything with the embryos.

Although Nick had argued he signed the form under "duress", the court ruled that the "Form Directive is not void or voidable based on Defendant Loeb's duress defense as to its execution."

The judge also found there was no "material fact" supporting his previous claim that he and Sofia had an "oral agreement" that would allow him to implant the embryos in a surrogate to be born.

As well as the dispute in California, Nick had also attempted to gain custody of the embryos in Louisiana, having created a trust in the state to give the embryos legal status.

However, in January, the court sided with the 'Hot Pursuit' star and dismissed the lawsuit seeking to obtain custody of the pre-embryos.

At the time, an attorney for the businessman said they would be appealing the case to the Louisiana Supreme Court.