Sissy Spacek has branded Harvey Weinstein "a real turd" over his "unsavoury" behaviour and a cancelled film deal.

Sissy Spacek has opened up about working with Harvey Weinstein

Sissy Spacek has opened up about working with Harvey Weinstein

The Oscar-winner worked with the shamed movie mogul on 1990 film 'The Long Walk Home', but insists she was "protected" from him because she was an established actress at the time.

Harvey, who is serving 23 years in prison for sex crimes, was accused of targeting rising actress and employees and Sissy says she was warned about him before they worked together.

She told The Guardian newspaper: "I was already an established actor, so I was protected in that way from him. Also, I had been warned by someone I was close to, who said be careful, and so I was.

"He did some things that I thought were very unsavoury, but they weren’t sexual."

Sissy also revealed she'd approached the producer about working on another film together, but he dropped her for another actress and it left her feeling bitter.

The 'Carrie' star explained: "I found a project and became attached to it and I brought it to Harvey. Then, when somebody else won the Academy Award, he pulled that from me and he wanted someone else to do it.

"I wrote him a letter, because I was so shocked that he would lower himself to that. I had already had teeth made for the character. I’d lowered my gumline. It was a real person I was going to play."

Sissy refused to name the film but insisted it never got made anyway.

When asked whether the movie mogul replied to her letter, she responded: "No. Rather than respond to me, he just dropped the project. I didn’t want him to do that – I just wanted him to acknowledge that he’d been a real turd. He could never look at me after that at any event we were at."