Sir Rod Stewart's Christmas wish is for success for his beloved soccer team.

Penny Lancaster and Sir Rod Stewart

Penny Lancaster and Sir Rod Stewart

The 73-year-old music star - who is married to model Penny Lancaster - has claimed he already has everything he could ever wish for in life, but he's still hoping for even more success for Celtic Football Club.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Rod is asked what he wants for Christmas this year, and replies: "I've got everything in the world I could possibly have ... I want Celtic FC to do well.

"I love Celtic. What would the world be without football?"

Despite the glamorous lifestyle she enjoys, Penny recently revealed she wants to "make a difference" as a police volunteer.

The 47-year-old model - who has been married to Rod since 2007 - joined the force for Channel 4 reality show 'Famous and Fighting Crime', and she admitted it has lit a fire in her.

Penny said: "Being a police volunteer, I felt like I was on the front line and reaching out to those people, and making a difference in their lives."

Penny admitted she relished the experience - and the challenges it created.

She added: "I've embraced it. The prospect of becoming a police officer and get involved on the front line, and getting to grips with the local community really appealed to me.

"It sounded exciting - I thought, what a fantastic experience. But that was just on the surface.

"When I actually got involved it was far more serious than that to the point that I was doing long shifts, getting home at four in the morning and my husband was terrified at the stories I would tell him."