Sir Ridley Scott won't allow the coronavirus pandemic to slow him down.

Sir Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott

The 83-year-old filmmaker has remained busy during the health crisis, and admitted he fears he might never "get back up" if he lets the pandemic halt his career.

Asked if he's ever felt frustrated by 2020, the acclaimed director replied: "No! I’ve just handed in a film with Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck. I finished shooting about six weeks ago.

"And now I’m in Provence, where I’ve got a facility to cut. I’ve cut four films here. I’ll deliver February, then I start [next film] 'Gucci'. So you can’t stop, dude. You can never stop. Once you stop, you may never get back up."

The filmmaker has helmed some of the best-known movies in cinema history, including 'Alien', 'Blade Runner' and 'Gladiator', having made the transition from British television half a century ago.

Despite the switch, he's still open to making the occasional TV commercial.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "After tax, I was getting £75 a week. And I thought, ‘This is f****** crazy.’ One day I was asked to go and do a commercial - and I was handed £100 in cash.

"In fact, I’m right now doing a Chinese commercial, a big one. So you always lean back on your old stuff."

During his career, Scott has "done 2,500 commercials".

He added: "I’m Mr F****** Television Commercial-maker!"

Meanwhile, Scott insisted he wants his movies to be seen by the biggest possible audience - regardless of whether they're screened in cinemas or on streaming platforms like Netflix.

He said: "Ideally, the bigger the audience, the better. It’s not financial, it’s more to do with communication. Am I communicating? Because that’s the job we do."