Sir David Attenborough and Sean Paul have won the first Radio 1 Lockdown Awards.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

The 94-year-old broadcaster triumphed in the new awards and was named Virtual Teacher of the Year, beating the likes of Joe Wicks and BTS to the top spot, whilst Sean Paul won Live Performance of the Year, for his contribution to Radio 1’s Stay Home Live Lounge.

Collecting his award, David said: "That’s very kind of you, I take it as a great compliment. Teachers are some of the most important people in our society. What they teach young people is going to affect the future of the world and we all owe them a lot together with the NHS. Thank you very much."

Whilst Sean added: "I think the sunshine and the hills and the trees helped me. I think that’s why it was so dope! The words just came: ‘We make it better together, we make a better life...’ With this year being such a clearly unprecedented crazy time, I think those words were just really heartfelt."

Elsewhere, Joe Wicks beat Gregg Wallace, Mollie King, Mark Wright and Mr Motivator, to be named Fitness Inspiration of the Year for his daily livestreamed workouts for kids up and down the country.

Of his award, Joe said: "What a lovely honour, thank you! I just keep getting awards this year - I wasn’t prepared for it! But thanks so much for giving me this award to celebrate the year.

"I do feel proud. My main aim was to bring a bit of structure to peoples’ days … I really think it brought families together and gave them something to look forward to every day."

Other winners included ‘Two Biscuits Kid’ - the son of Sky News correspondent Deborah Haynes who interrupted his mother during a live zoom interview to ask for two biscuits - who won Zoom Fail of the Year as well as Sassy Kid of the Year, and African Grey parrot Chanel won Animal of the Year.