Simon Webbe wants his baby daughter to form a band with his Blue bandmates’ kids.

Simon Webbe and Ayshen

Simon Webbe and Ayshen

The ‘All Rise’ singer and his wife Ayshen welcomed little Cyan into the world next month and though he’s enjoying the first weeks of having a newborn, he’s excited for the tot’s future and is already pondering on the prospect she might follow in his footsteps one day, especially after she meets the offspring of Anthony Cosa, Duncan James and Lee Ryan.

He said: “I’m curious to hear what her voice sounds like when she speaks for the first time.

“Who knows, maybe she’ll be in a girl band? All the boys from Blue have daughters too.”

Ayshen – who previously suffered two miscarriages - is looking ahead to the more near future with the youngster.

In a joint interview with HELLO! magazine, she said: “I can’t wait for her to reach out for me and call me Mummy.

“I’ve been waiting for Cyan all my life and now she’s completed us as a family.”

The 42-year-old singer has already bonded with the tot over music.

He said: “I sing to her and make up songs and sometimes it sounds as if she’s trying to sing too.”

With his wife currently recovering from a Caesarean section, Simon is juggling caring for Cyan with household chores such as shopping, cooking and cleaning, and admitted he’s exhausted.

Simon – who also has adult daughter Alanah from a previous relationship – said: “It’s exhausting but fun.

“I feel continuously jet-lagged and take my hat off to all the mums who do this every day.

“When your parenting instinct kicks in, you get through it and my priorities are my wife and baby, my daddy duties and being a good husband.”