Simon Cowell thinks his e-bike is “brilliant”, despite breaking his back on one last year.

Simon Cowell is feeling great after crashing his bike

Simon Cowell is feeling great after crashing his bike

The 'America's Got Talent' star insisted his serious injury in 2020 hasn't put him off riding the streets of Malibu because his daily rides are his "most creative time", though he admitted he's downgraded his bike to something a little more sedate.

Speaking to his friend and former girlfriend Terri Seymour on 'Extra', he said: “My most creative time is now when I cycle, because I cycle even though it's an e-bike. I still got to pedal and I do about 10 miles a day… even though I had an accident on one. That was more an electric motorbike; these are called pedal-assist bikes, and they're brilliant.”

Simon insisted he wasn't nervous about getting back on his bike and even though he was only "a milimetre" away from being paralysed, he wouldn't erase the accident if he had chance because it's set him on a path to being in such better shape.

Asked if he was nervous, he said: "No. That expression ‘get back on your bike,’ with me, it was literal. I feel better than I did because I exercise so much more.

“Honestly, if I could rewind, I would have gone through the whole thing again. Just because I feel better now.

“Yeah, even though it hurt like hell at the time.”

Meanwhile, Simon praised his "amazing" partner Lauren Silverman - the mother of his seven-year-old son Eric - for her support.

He gushed: “She’s like my lioness. I mean, she was amazing.”

The 'X Factor' boss has also been busy writing his 'Wishfits' books with his son.

Explaining his inspiration, he said: “I used to pretend to Eric there were animals that were half-dog half-cat and one was called a ‘cog’ and one was called a ‘dat’… I said, ‘What would your favourite animal be if you had to put two together?’ and the first thing he said was a ‘snog’, which is a snail and a dog… and then we came up with all these other ones like a ‘chimpanpoo’ and ‘polar bat’… and we got a book deal and so were writing the books together.”