Simon Cowell has been forced to break his vegan diet in order to “rebuild his strength” following his e-bike crash.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

The 61-year-old entertainment mogul suffered a horror fall whilst testing out an electric bike in August, which resulted in a broken back which nearly left him paralysed and needing emergency surgery.

And now, his close friend Sinitta has said Simon is “bright, happy and clear” as he continues his road to recovery, although she noted he’s had to quit the vegan diet that saw him shed four stone.

She explained: “I spoke to him last week and he sounded so much better.

“He wasn’t dazed, sedated or weak. He was really bright, happy and clear. He’s gained a bit of weight and is looking healthier. He said he had to start eating protein, calcium and break his vegan diet to rebuild his strength.

“That’s the wisest thing. He was bloated and stressed, then he was too thin and exhausted.

“Now he is fit and relaxed. He’s found his sweet spot.

“He sounds relieved and exhilarated. The sea air is so healing and rejuvenating.”

Sinitta also said that Simon’s partner, Lauren Silverman, and their six-year-old son Eric have been “the best medicine” for the ‘X Factor’ creator.

She added to The Sun on Sunday newspaper’s Biz on Sunday column: “Lauren said Eric has been the best medicine because he’s so playful.

“Initially the ordeal was a terrible blow - very depressing, very scary. He was in a lot of pain he was having to manage.

“It was all a bit blurry but he couldn’t allow himself to entertain those thoughts.

“He was looking at Eric and thinking, ‘I’ve got to get through this somehow’.

“He’s Mr Invincible and he’ll definitely come sailing through.”

Meanwhile, it was recently reported Simon is ahead of schedule in his recovery from back surgery.

A source said this month: "He's doing really well and is recovering well and ahead of what was expected.

"He's doing over 10,000 steps a day as well as swimming to get his back strong and healed again. He no longer needs to wear a back brace all the time.”