Sharon Stone considers herself to be an "ambiguous construct".

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

The 'Basic Instinct' star has opened up on her relationship with her body and her mind, saying that she's trying to discover the "core personality" she had when she was younger, because she thinks that's more "truthful" to herself.

She said: "I think Einstein was really bright about time - time is something we made up so we can find each other.

"We live in more than the three dimensions. And time moves in more than these ways ... time is am ambiguous construct and an ephemeral construct.

"What I am coming to understand as I get older is I am coming back to my core personality that I had - as a younger person - because that is more the truth of my personality. The things that tried to be tamped down, like your anti social parts, are you great talents and great gifts.

"It's just a mistake to blend and try to be like everyone else because it's the things that make us different that are our gifts. Life is like one giant puzzle and if you don't expand to the fullest of yourself you don't really click in to the puzzle piece that is waiting for you."

Sharon, 61, also spoke about beauty standards, and slammed the "commercialisation of beauty".

She added: "We see beauty in so may ways in nature - we have to be willing to not fall to the commercialisation of beauty as only one thing. I love the way, especially now in fashion, we are starting to see women of all kinds of beauty. We need to accept beauty in all of its forms."

The actress said she feels "blessed" at this stage in her life, and after undergoing a long period of change that "has lasted almost a couple of decades", she's glad to be in a place where she feels "free".

Speaking in a video that accompanied her cover for Harper's Bazaar Spain's November issue, she said: "It's been thrilling to be in this place where I feel so free and so happy and so healed."

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