Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are going to spend Christmas apart - because the heavy metal star cannot fly to the UK due to his spinal injury.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

'The Talk' panellist is spending the festive period in England, her home country, as she is starring in stage show 'Nativity! The Musical' at the Eventim Apollo in London but husband Ozzy will not be joining her because doctors have advised him not to travel by plane due to the seriousness of the damage to his back.

The Black Sabbath rocker was hospitalised earlier this year after suffering a fall at his LA home, which dislodged the metal rods in his spine that had been put in after a quad-bike accident in 2003 and the tumble also caused his spinal cord to become compressed.

Sharon, 67, admits she is very sad that she will be separated from 71-year-old Ozzy - who will remain at their Los Angeles home - but is looking forward to spending Christmas Day (25.12.19) with their daughter Kelly Osbourne.

During an appearance on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (18.12.19), she said: " It's going to be different. Kelly and I are going to go out, we're going to go out for our Christmas lunch.

"Ozzy fell and damaged his spine and it's kind of been a domino effect. One thing happens and another thing, and another thing and another thing. The doctors didn't want him to get on the plane and Ozzy was quite nervous about flying all that way."

Revealing she will spend a lot of the day chatting to Ozzy on FaceTime video calls, she added: "All day FaceTime, he rings all the time. He's like, 'What are you doing now?' "

Sharon admits that she and Ozzy have different opinions about Christmas as she loves to spend, spend, spend and treat her family and friends, whereas the 'Bark at the Moon' singer thinks the season is "over-hyped" and too much about consumerism.

She said: "I am like Mrs. Christmas. I'll go out with my Christmas list and I'll see something and it's over the budget that I wanted to spend on whoever and I go ahead and do it and I'll fill up one credit card and the other and the other and then it's like, 'Woah, how am I going to deal with this?' And I have to pay it off, that's what you do.

"It's not the right thing to do but at the time I want to be Mrs. Christmas. Ozzy thinks that Christmas is just over-hyped and that people go into it with the wrong spirit. He'll go, 'When I was a kid I used to get one satsuma and some string.' And when the adverts come on, he's a bah humbug, he's like, 'This is ridiculous!'

"Seriously, in my entire life it doesn't matter what I earn, I could earn whatever I always spend more than I earn, I'm always trying to catch up. I like to give people something that they really, really want or that they couldn't do themselves."