Selma Blair's "dream" is to "be a useful mum".

Selma Blair and her son Arthur

Selma Blair and her son Arthur

The 46-year-old actress is mother to seven-year-old son Arthur, and has said that he's her "reason for everything" as she strives to be a "useful" mother for him as long as he still needs to rely on her.

Speaking on stage at the Race to Erase MS gala on Friday (10.05.19) - where she brought Arthur as her date - she said: "[Arthur] is the reason for everything. My dream is that I get to be a useful mom, as long as this kid wants me."

And she then jokingly added: "Which is about one more year."

During the event, in which the 'Cruel Intentions' star - who was diagnosed with MS in October - was honoured, her co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar gave a touching speech in dedication to the star as she introduced her to the stage.

She said: "There are a lot of things that I can say about Selma Blair. Her passion, her beauty, her talent, but all of those things pale in comparison to her one super power, she is, no question, the best kisser. Hands down.

"I have been friends with Selma for over twenty years, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about her, mostly because she has no filter, but in the last year I have seen a whole new side to her. Sure she is an incredible mother and friend, but now I know how brave she is. It would have been not only easy but understandable for someone to hide when she received this diagnosis, but instead she has done the exact opposite. She has faced this head-on and shared this journey with the world."

Sarah then praised Selma for "choosing to show the raw truth" about her struggles with the disease, which she has been documenting on social media.

She added: "It may not be pretty, but it is real, and it is selfless. I know first-hand as friends and family we only want to help, but we can never truly understand what that person is going through. And by showing these truths, Selma is letting other people know that they are not alone, and that is a true friend."