Selma Blair's famous friends have been organising meal deliveries for her.

Selma Blair with her son Arthur

Selma Blair with her son Arthur

The 47-year-old actress has been battling multiple sclerosis (MS) since she learned about her condition in August 2018, and has said her close pal Sarah Michelle Gellar has been helping her cope by rallying her showbiz pals including Reese Witherspoon and Constance Zimmer to set up a "food train" to make sure Selma and her eight-year-old son Arthur can eat.

Selma said: "I get weekend meal packs like I've never feasted on before from Reese Witherspoon, from Constance Zimmer and so many people I don't even know through Sarah. Her friends are just doing this to feed me and Arthur."

The 'Cruel Intentions' star has had to adjust her diet to accommodate more lipids since her diagnosis, and says that although she "feels like throwing up all the time", she's thankful for her friends' support.

She added to People magazine: "They've stood up in ways I never would have been comfortable with before."

Sarah Michelle Gellar - who starred with Selma in 'Cruel Intentions' - has been supportive of her close friend throughout her health journey, and recently praised her as "amazing", as she doesn't let her diagnosis hold her back from "accomplishing everything and anything".

Sarah said: "She's amazing. She's Selma. Her sense of humour is intact maybe her body is not where she'd like it to be at this very moment but it's not gonna stop here from doing anything.

"I joke that [when] I have a cold and I don't wanna get out of bed for two weeks. But this girl just does the school run every morning and [is] out there at birthday parties and is not letting an illness stop her from accomplishing everything and anything."