Selma Blair says Pink is her "inspiration for joy every day".

Pink and Selma Blair via Instagram (c)

Pink and Selma Blair via Instagram (c)

The 46-year-old actress took to Instagram on Monday (28.05.19) to share a picture of herself and the 'So What' hitmaker after they spent the American holiday Memorial Day together, and Selma praised the singer for "loving life to the fullest".

She wrote alongside the snap: "This picture was taken after the most dramatic stop drop and roll maneuver performed by yours truly. I was so startled to see @pink come up behind me ( at her house , mind you) that my overactive startle reflex kicked in and I went flying. This happens to me. My kid thinks it is hysterical. My beloved friend... we had a good laugh too. My favorite. Fall, tackle , hug, laugh, repeat. Take a picture. #heaven. My inspiration for joy every day @pink I love you so much. #nobodydoesitbetter thank you for loving life to the fullest. #love love #pink #selma #keepsmegoing #hurts2bhuman we cried best drop and roll around partner ever. I love you sister soul (sic)"

The 'Cruel Intentions' star also shared a picture of her seven-year-old son Arthur - whom she has with her ex-partner Jason Bleick - with Pink, as she praised them both for making her feel "full of love and pride".

She wrote: "These two. Make me feel full of love and pride. a photo of them together again... priceless. #pink #arthursaintbleick #memorialdayweekend . I love .#beautifulsouls #family #whataboutlove (sic)"

Meanwhile, Selma recently said she wants to be a "useful" mother to her son for as long as he needs her, despite her recent MS diagnosis.

She said: "[Arthur] is the reason for everything. My dream is that I get to be a useful mom, as long as this kid wants me."

And she then jokingly added: "Which is about one more year."

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