Selma Blair has been "humbled" by the support she received after revealing she's battling insomnia as a result of her multiple sclerosis (MS).

Selma Blair

Selma Blair

The 47-year-old actress has been open about her struggles with MS since she was diagnosed with the condition last year and on Thursday (01.08.19) shared a photo of her legs covered in bruises admitting she is "afraid" of what's happening to her body.

Now, the 'Cruel Intentions' star has taken to Instagram to thank her fans for the overwhelming kindness they've shown her and insisted that although she can occasionally become "overwhelmed" with the reality of her condition, she no longer feels "ashamed to be so transparent " about her illness.

Selma - who has eight-year-old son Arthur with her ex-boyfriend, fashion designer Jason Bleick - wrote: "It is darkest before the dawn, I have always heard. And I keep it in mind. And I still get overwhelmed in the chaos of the dark. And I am so deeply moved at how many people called or wrote or left comments after my last post.

"The old me was ashamed. Ashamed to be so transparent with vulnerability or fear. And I wanted to delete the image. The heart bruised words. But you all changed that with your words of support. I was humbled.

"I couldn't even read til now. Thank you. Thank you.maybe I will print and put in a book for when I need it again. We should all do that sometimes. (sic)"

The 'Legally Blonde' actress went on to profess that she "will get there" in regards to accepting her condition and once again thanked her fans for their kind comments.

She wrote: "Thank you universe. I will get there. Have patience. Thank you. All of us. Be gentle. With ourselves and others. It is a wonderful feeling. Thank you to everyone here and in my life who did that for me the last few days. I can do this now. (sic)"

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