Max George wants to marry Stacey Giggs.

Max George and Stacey Giggs [Instagram]

Max George and Stacey Giggs [Instagram]

The 31-year-old singer is completely smitten with Stacey, 41, the former wife of soccer star Ryan Giggs, and says he would love to marry and have kids with the mother-of-two.

He told The Sun newspaper: "She'd have to say yes first, we seem to be getting on all right. I've always said I've wanted kids but never committed to it in my own head but I think Stacey's the one.

"We would love to add to the family at some point, that would be amazing."

Stacey already has children Libby, 17, and Zach, 13 and Max insisted that the 10-year age-gap between him and Stacey isn't an issue.

He said: "I just think we're a good match. The age thing we don't really think about it and it's never been part of a discussion. It's the strongest relationship I've ever had and every day gets more exciting.

"We're really close; we were close from day one. With me moving in with Stacey - because that was her family home -and the kids, you become such a tight unit. We are getting closer every day."

Max even insisted he and Ryan get on well and enjoy a "mutual respect".

Meanwhile, Max recently admitted he is keen to settle down with his girlfriend, saying he "wouldn't be with her" if they didn't have a future together.

Speaking about their long-term plans, Max - who previously starred on the American TV series 'Glee' - shared: "I've always wanted to get married, and I love kids.

"I wouldn't be with her if I didn't see a future. I don't want to jinx it, but I can really see myself ending up with Stacey."