Sarah Silverman has criticised Hulu for sending her a $1,500 bill to cover her hair and make-up at the Emmy Awards.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

The 48-year-old comic received Emmy nominations for both seasons of 'America, I Love You' and was unimpressed that the network refused to pick up her basic expenses for attending the glamorous event, especially because they had so few shows shortlisted for honours.

Debating whether or not to tell the story on podcast 'The Last Laugh', she told host Matt Wilstein: "I probably shouldn't... Eh, f**k it. Guess I'll just burn this one down. I think it's a funny story, or maybe it sounds obnoxious and it's too showbiz-y. I'm really debating right now.

"You know, it's one of their only shows nominated for Emmys besides 'The Handmaid's Tale'..

"Even Comedy Central, like 15 years ago, paid for that s**t when I was nominated. I was just flummoxed. Wouldn't it be worth them paying $1,500 to not have me on Matt Wilstein's podcast saying Hulu wouldn't pay $1,500 for an Emmy for their network?"

Sarah admitted she was upset when the streaming service cancelled 'America, I Love You', especially because she knew the network "loved" the show but felt it was ultimately too expensive for them.

She said: "I know that they did love the show, but I think what it cost compared to its popularity or the eyes that they had on it didn't -- you know, the people that make the decisions there don't have any connection to the show. So it's easier for them. It's probably smart. They make very hard decisions."

When Sarah received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November, rival service Netflix - which hosted her stand-up special - sent her flowers and made a charity donation in her name, but she didn't even receive an email from Hulu.

She said: "It's just such a bad look for you guys. I don't want to say 'appalling'. Separating children at the border is appalling. I keep my overhead very low, but Hulu doesn't. So they should probably pay for s**t."

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