Sarah Michelle Gellar will allow her family to use computers at the dining table on Thanksgiving.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The 43-year-old actress has revealed she'll forgive her family members for using electronic devices this year, because she wants them to stay connected with their loved ones amid coronavirus restrictions.

Sarah - who has Charlotte, 11, and Rocky, eight, with Freddie Prinze Jr - said: "We’re fortunate that this has now happened in a time where we are so technologically connected and this is the one time I’ll allow electronics at the table.

"People will sit at the table together and we’ll be with computers."

Sarah and her family are set to enjoy their Thanksgiving outdoors this year, in order to allow for social distancing measures.

However, the actress recognises that they're in a fortunate position compared to a lot of Americans.

Sarah - who has been married to Freddie since 2002 - told Us Weekly: "Normally we host for a lot of people. We don’t usually travel during Thanksgiving.

"We usually host it for people that can’t afford to go home or can’t get to their families and we usually do a really big one. And it’s so sad that this year there’s going to be so many people that can’t get home, but I don’t think it’s something that we can actually do.

"I mean, the beauty of living in California is that our weather usually does hold up until we will be able to do something outside.

"I know that’s not something that most of the country will be able to do and it really breaks my heart. But again, it’s going to be about forging new connections and making do as we can."