Sarah Michelle Gellar has "high expectations" of her children.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The 42-year-old actress has daughter Charlotte, 10, and son Rocky, seven, with her husband Freddie Prinze Jr., and has said she and her spouse can be "strict" parents, especially when it comes to dinner time.

She explained: "Some people say our expectations are a little higher than most, but I think [our children] know what the rules are. We have [family dinner] as many nights as we can. We have no phones at the table. We sit, we all have dinner together."

The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star often has to tell her daughter to "move her plate into the centre when she's eating" to keep her from "spilling everything", but insists her children are otherwise "pretty good" at following the rules.

And Sarah Michelle has also spoken about her career as an actress, as she said her daughter has "finally" started to realise that her parents are famous.

She added: "I think for the longest time she thought I had my hair and makeup done for a job. Which by the way, if that's a job, that's great job ... Now I think she understands it, and she understands why people notice us or what those things are."

But her son on the other hand is still "oblivious", and is much more focused on the popular video game franchise 'Pokémon', which his mother doesn't "understand".

Sarah Michelle said told Us Weekly magazine: "I don't get it. I don't know how to play. I don't know what they mean. And my husband seems to, but I've come to the conclusion [that] he just talks a better game than I [do]."

Meanwhile, the actress previously spoke about her "organised and ritualistic" home routine with Freddie, whom she married in 2002.

She said: "Usually Freddie and I get up at around the same time. He takes the shower first and I start to get the milks and lunches ready. One of us goes down and makes breakfast. The other one helps with uniforms and getting everyone ready ... Some mornings we do it together and some mornings we switch.

"If I'm home, I take the kids to school. I take Charlotte to the bus and I drive Rocky to school. If he goes with Freddie, they go to this cafe and get breakfast burritos. Our nighttimes are organised and ritualistic. No phones at the table. If there's emergency, call us on the house phone. No one calls us on the house phone. Freddie and Charlotte are reading 'Harry Potter'. Reading is always in there. We have 30 minutes of story time."