Sarah Michelle Gellar is the "world's biggest disappointment" to her kids.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The 43-year-old actress - who has Charlotte, 11, and Rocky, eight, with husband Freddie Prinze Jr - has revealed she's been watching 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' with her kids amid the coronavirus crisis, but they're still not impressed by her.

Sarah - who played Buffy Summers in the hit series - said: "I never thought to show it to them and they asked during quarantine. We were trying to find shows to binge. And I was like, 'OK!' I didn't even know if they'd be into it. But they are so into it."

Despite watching the series, Sarah's kids remain unimpressed by the actress.

She told 'The Kelly Clarkson Show': "I'm the world's biggest disappointment for them because they'll always ask questions and I'll be like, 'I don't remember. I'll have to text someone and ask.' They think they know it better than me at this point."

Meanwhile, Sarah previously admitted to relying on a "village" of people to help raise her children.

The actress conceded it's tough to balance her parental responsibilities with her career.

Sarah - who has been married to Freddie since 2002 - said: "Anyone who tells you you can have it all is lying, it’s impossible. It’s a struggle every day – it takes a village.

"I’m very fortunate that I have incredible extended family and friends that help out."

The 'Buffy' star also described herself as a "regular person doing a job".

She explained: "I don’t know how to be anything but myself. At the same time I’m just a regular person doing a job, it’s when you forget that that it gets a little out of hand.

"I like to think of myself as a person first and an actor second."