Sandra Oh "burst out crying" after meeting Yoko Ono.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

The 47-year-old actress bumped into the multimedia artist and peace activist - who was married to the late Beatles star John Lennon - at Los Angeles International airport whilst heading into the first class lounge, and has said she was completely starstruck by the encounter that she began crying.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', she said: "I sit down and I look up and it's Yoko Ono. I didn't know I could bow so low, I could bow so low and say, 'Hello, Yoko. It's so nice to meet you.'

"And then I was able to ask her before actually just posing in that photograph, I'm like, 'Would that be all right?' And she said 'Okay.' And I burst out crying. Burst out crying. I mean, not that much of a surprise."

Meanwhile, the 'Killing Eve' star recently said she's learned how to give "less f**ks" now that she's older, as she's had time to get used to her body and isn't as "insecure" as she was in her 20s.

She said: "I was more insecure when I was 20 than I am at 47. At 47 it's like, 'You need me to put on a crazy dress with mirrors? Yeah, sure. I'm going to work the s**t out of this!' I don't know what I'm doing. It's, like, you give less f**ks. Ageing is the greatest. It really gives you more space to be that person in the mirrored dress who has always been inside."

And although she wasn't as confident in her 20s, Sandra insists that time in her life was "powerful", as she had the "energy and boldness" to pursue an acting career.

She added: "It's really such a powerful time when you're 23, 24. There is a certain energy and boldness, but I've always been driven. This industry can be crushing, but I f***ing love it. I love it, and I think I would be acting and doing something creative no matter what."

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