Samuel L. Jackson loves playing golf.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

The 66-year-old actor - who's starred in a string of Hollywood hits during the course of his career, including the recent 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' - loves to escape the stresses of the movie industry by enjoying a game of golf, according to his friend Luke Wilson.

Speaking last night (12.06.15) at the One For The Boys Fashion Ball at London's Roundhouse in Camden, Luke told BANG Showbiz: "(Samuel L Jackson) and I have played a ton of golf together.

"We played today, we weren't in the same group, but yeah Sam really enjoys golf.

"For a guy like him who works so much, I think it's nice to just get outside, nice to maybe let his mind wonder, but yeah we have a good time playing golf together. He's a competitive guy!"

Meanwhile, Luke also admitted he's able to walk around London without being bothered by people and said that of those people who do stop him to talk, a large number mistake him for his brother Owen.

He explained: "I don't get mobbed, I'm able to walk around. Sometimes people recognise me, other times people think I'm my brother, that happens a lot!"

Stanley Tucci, Lewis Hamilton, Alice Cooper and David Gandy were among the other celebrities in attendance at the event, which helped raise awareness and funds educating men on the many cancers affecting them today.