Samantha Morton only trains "three times a week" for her role in 'The Walking Dead'.

Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton

The 41-year-old actress - who joined the cast of the post-apocalyptic zombie horror series this year as Whisperer survivors leader Alpha - doesn't do as much work in the gym as her male co-stars, but she insisted she does enough to carry out her more physical scenes.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: "I don't go to the lengths the male actors do. [Alpha] is brutal and has to take tough decisions and, in the comic books, she's super strong and has enough energy to walk for days. I get down the gym three times a week ... which is enough!"

Morton has also been working on 'I Am Nicola', an improvised one-hour film she developed and co-wrote with Dominic Savage for a new Channel 4 trilogy.

Reflecting on the piece, she added: "The story for 'I Am Nicola' is, weirdly, very apt for today. It's about something I was aware of when I was a girl.

"It's poverty, and this is about how you can have a life, a job, a partner, a flat - and with a series of events out of your control, lose everything very quickly and end up homeless. With nothing."

Samantha - who has daughter Edie, 11, and four-year-old son Theodore, her children with her filmmaker partner Harry Holm - previously confessed that she only recently invested in a television set after seven years without one so she could catch up on 'The Waling Dead' after landing her villainous role.

However, she limits the amount of time her two young kids spent watching TV, and she has a blanket she uses to cover the screen when it's time for it to 'go to sleep'.

She said: "When I got the part in 'The Walking Dead' I said to my partner, 'Listen, I think we need to sort out a telly so I can watch it.' So we got a television like a normal family. But it has a big blanket over it. At a certain time, the television goes to sleep, 'Oh, the TV's tired!' "

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