Samantha Morton is "on the mend" after being rushed to hospital.

Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton

The 43-year-old actress has taken to social media to thank the NHS and A&E staff at the Conquest Hospital in East Sussex after being admitted on Monday night (04.01.20).

She tweeted: "Thankyou to all the A and E staff at the Conquest who helped me tonight.

"I’m so grateful for our NHS,to see the red zone first hand and the nurses and doctors being so kind and wonderful to us all was humbling.

"I’m ok tonight because of them. #SaveOurNHS #WearAMask #COVID19 (sic)."

The red zone refers to hospital wards used to treat Covid-19 patients.

Samantha - who didn't reveal why she was admitted to A&E - later thanked fans for their support and revealed she was "on the mend".

She added: "I’m on the mend. I’ll get there and thank you so much for the well wishes."

'Line of Duty' star Vicky McClure was one of those to send messages of support to 'The Walking Dead' actress, who has appeared in the likes of

She tweeted: Speedy recovery Sam xxx (sic)"

'Industry' actor Mark Dexter added: "Argh! Dammit. So sorry to learn of this Sam (except maybe the ‘on the mend’ bit) sending love and a top up for your superpowers.

"Take it slow, don’t give the damn thing opportunities to linger. (Though, it’s picked the wrong target with this badass. I almost feel sorry for it!) (sic)"

Meanwhile, Samantha previously admitted she was worried about returning to work during the pandemic because she rarely works on big-budget productions and she fears her indie movies won't have the money for proper Covid-19 testing.

Speaking last summer, she said: "I'm literally s******* myself because I don't totally trust the government with what they are doing, this, that and the next thing. You know you have to trust the science I suppose and you have to pray to God you don't get it.

"But yet, at the same time, you have to go 'kids back at school in a few weeks.' What?

"You know, some productions have got a lot of money so they can test people constantly and do little bubbles and quarantining vibes... most of the things that I work on or have worked on, they don't have that kind of money."

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