Russell Brand convinced Joe Wicks to start meditating.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks

The 34-year-old fitness coach has revealed he decided to embrace the practice after Russell sent him a meditation video from YouTube.

Joe shared: "I love Russell. During lockdown, he said, 'Joe, you sound like a man who needs to meditate.' He sent a YouTube video which really, really helped me. I have him to thank."

Joe has earned millions through his workout routines, but he also looks at his job as a form of "counselling".

Speaking to The Times newspaper, he explained: "It was a way of dealing with how I was feeling at home. I was a really hyperactive kid. I remember being disruptive in maths, English, science.

"When I realised I got a lot of joy from sport, that’s where I put my energy."

Joe's dad battled a heroin addiction during his childhood, and ever since, he's been "scared" of becoming an addict himself.

The TV star said: "My dad’s addiction put my brother and me off drugs. Nicky and I didn’t want to go down that route.

"I was scared that I’d enjoy it, had 'the gene' and would become a drug addict."

However, his dad's addiction ultimately helped to steer Joe in a positive direction.

The TV presenter - who is married to model Rosie Jones - made a conscious decision to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to not let temptations distract him from his long-term ambitions.

Joe - who is also known as The Body Coach - explained: "I made a choice quite young - I didn’t smoke cigarettes or weed.

"I remember thinking, 'That’s a gateway to other things.' All my friends who did end up doing drugs, it held them back at school and in sport."

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