Rosamund Pike wants her sons to have an ordinary childhood.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike

The 'A Private War' actress - who has Solo, six, and Atom, three, with partner Robie Uniacke - tries to expose her kids to books and music and has vowed not to raise them with a sense of entitlement.

She said: "I want to recreate the childhood that I had for my own children."

The 39-year-old actress is happy to use public transport when she's out with her family and doesn't think she sticks out too much in a crowd.

She told the new issue of Town & Country magazine: "People might recognise me, but I think they just see me as a mother trying to handle small kids on the subway."

Rosamund went into labour early with her second son and had him in her mother's apartment, and though she was unable to have pain relief during the process, she allowed her body to "take over" and forced her mind to go "somewhere else".

She said: "There was no time for pain medication, no time to get to the clinic, so I just let my body take over.

"I thought, If I can let my mind go somewhere else, my body will do the job."

The 'Gone Girl' star also allows her body to "take over" when she's working and she tries not to think too much about her acting processes.

She said: "So much of this work is mysterious. I don't want to analyse it too much. The body just takes over, and I do it."

For her upcoming role as late war correspondent Marie Colvin, Rosamund found she shrunk as a result of hunching her shoulders to mimic the journalist's posture.

She said: "When I went for a medical examination after 'A Private War'. I was one and a half centimeters shorter."

But she has since regained the height thanks to intense spinal stretching exercises.

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