Ronan Keating's wife is expecting a baby girl.

Ronan and Storm Keating

Ronan and Storm Keating

The 'No Matter What' singer has revealed he and Storm are expecting a little girl next as the couple shared their excitement about adding to their brood.

Ronan shared of the couple's happy news: "Yes, we're having a baby girl! It's super exciting. We are very lucky and I am so happy for Storm."

Storm added: "I've always wanted at least one of each sex so I'm feeling very blessed. That's five kids in total now, so that's enough, we're going to have to get Ro to have the snip."

Ronan is already a father of four to Jack, 20, Missy, 18, and Ali, 14, with ex-wife Yvonne Connolly and Cooper, two, with his current spouse Storm.

The 42-year-old singer has quipped he's worried that "girls can be trickier".

Speaking to OK! magazine, Ronan said: "People say that girls can be trickier. With Cooper being such a dream we're scared we can't get that lucky twice."

And Storm added: "Even if she is a little terror, I'm so chuffed it's a girl."

Meanwhile, Ronan previously admitted expecting another baby is the "best present".

The Boyzone singer said: "It's very exciting. My older kids are over-the-moon excited and so is Cooper. It's happy news in our household. Expecting another baby is the best present. I'll be a dad of five, dear God. But I can't wait - I'm one of five myself, so I'll see what my own mum and dad went through."

Storm previously admitted she had had a "really difficult" conversation with Ronan in the early days of their relationship because she wanted her own children while the 'So Good' hitmaker was unsure if he wanted any more kids.

She said: "He [Ronan] wasn't sure if he wanted to have more children and that was really difficult for me because I always pictured having kids of my own and I come from a really large family. I went away and thought about it and I had to be really honest with myself. I spoke to my mum about it. There were tears. I knew in my heart that I could live the rest of my life without kids but I couldn't live without [Ronan]."

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