Ronan Keating says it was "strange" welcoming daughter Coco into the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating

With strict instructions that only the birthing partner / spouse could be present at the birth, and no other siblings or relatives were allowed to visit due to the virus outbreak, Ronan's wife Storm gave birth to their daughter Coco with just her husband by her side, something which he described as "different but lovely".

He shared: "It was obviously very strange, because nobody could come into the hospital. It was just Storm and myself and little Coco in lockdown in the hospital. The nurses were amazing, the staff were brilliant. But it was just so different, it was so quiet. Which was kind of nice in a way. We had all of that time just to ourselves. Cooper couldn't come in, his other brothers and sisters couldn't come. So it was a strange one. It was very different and lovely."

And Ronan insists Storm and Coco are both doing great.

He shared: "Storm is flying, she's doing wonderful. Feeling great, enjoying this whole process once again. It's lovely. I mean, it's obviously strange times as we know, but we don't need to go on about it, we're all in the same boat. It's working for us right now because we're enjoying just being in the house, spending all this time together ... Coco's just a gorgeous little thing. She wakes every three hours just like clockwork. She's pooing, she's peeing ... She's three hour feeds. You forget! You just forget what that feels like, to wake up in the middle of the night."

Ronan - who also has Cooper, two, with Storm, and Missy, 19, and Jack, 21, with ex wife Yvonne Connolly - also revealed they had had picked out the name for Coco for over two years now.

Speaking to his co-host Harriet Scott on Magic Radio on Wednesday (01.04.20), he said: "We actually had that name before we knew we were having a boy the first time round. We had that name before we knew it was going to be a girl."

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