Ronan Keating has found it “very hard” not seeing his dad all year.

Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating

The 43-year-old singer is hoping coronavirus restrictions will be eased soon as he’s worried he’ll have to have a “digital Christmas” with his dad Gerry, particularly because he couldn’t be with him when he recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

And Gerry hasn’t even been able to meet Ronan and wife Storm’s daughter Coco, who was born in March.

He said: “I haven't seen my dad since January. He had his 80th birthday three weeks ago, which was very difficult and none of us could see him, so that's been very hard.

"He hasn't even had a chance to meet his granddaughter yet. My brother Gerrard is the closest geographically.

"It's hard for me but Gerrard is there, as is my other brother Gary and my sister, Linda."

Ronan – who is also dad to Jack, 21, Missy, 19, and Ali, 15, from his marriage to first wife Yvonne and Cooper, three, who he has with Storm – hopes the current lockdown restrictions in England, which are due to expire on 2 December, will be enough to allow everyone to have a traditional family Christmas.

He added to the Daily Express newspaper: "I do hope they (the Government) are making us do this now, so that we can enjoy Christmas with our families and loved ones."

Meanwhile, Ronan is backing notonthehighstreet’s #TheMagicOfSmallThings campaign to celebrate UK postal workers for all their hard work over the last year and encourage people to nominate their posties to receive the ultimate Christmas thank you package.

He said: “It’s amazing to see how many people are planning to give a little thanks this Christmas to posties who have been vital in keeping us smiling this year.

“As we head into the festive season under lockdown, I couldn’t be happier to be helping notonthehighstreet celebrate posties who are going to be busier than ever helping to keep the nation feeling connected.”

For more information on #TheMagicofSmallThings campaign, and to nominate your postie or order your free Postie Pack gift, head

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