Roger Daltrey has warned against the dangers of listening to “loud” music.

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey

The Who frontman has urged younger people to lower the volume because it’s unnecessary and admitted he and his bandmate, Pete Townshend, are paying the price now for not following the advice decades ago.

He said: “Young people should stop listening to such loud music. They don’t need to. If your ears are ringing, you’ll pay.

“Pete and I both have to wear hearing aids and it’s no fun taking them out; without them, life’s a mumble.”

While he doesn’t want people to listen to loud music, Roger does wish they would sing more.

He said: “We always had music in the house. It felt like every house had a piano and someone who could knock out a song. People would sing everywhere: inside pubs and outside, and on building sites. We have lost that now. I miss it.”

The group were arrested in Montreal in 1973 for trashing a hotel room but Roger insisted he wasn’t involved.

He told the Times magazine: “In the early days there were lots of parties, booze and relationships. We had no money, so we were sharing rooms and it was chaos.

“When we got arrested [in 1973 in Montreal, for wrecking a room], I’d been ordered to go to bed by the doctor, so I didn’t do the smashing up. Some of those rooms did need a bit of redecorating.”

But the ‘Pinball Wizard’ singer did have a temper and only addressed his anger issues when he was forced to by the rest of the group.

He said: “I often hit out at people because I came from a rough neighbourhood. And that’s what boys did. You fought. I only learnt to control my temper when the band threw me out – so I had to.”