Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart is being sued by his personal trainer.

The 'Sailing' singer is set to face a lawsuit after his 32-year-old son Sean allegedly tried to cover his physical therapy expenses using medical insurance.

Rod is speculated to be named within the insurance, and could subsequently be brought to court as well.

Randy Rene - who is also known as the 'Body Architect' - has reportedly seeking payment of $5,440 for services charged between March to May last year.

TMZ reports, that Sean - who describes himself as a musician/songwriter and model - hired the trainer to cure injuries he suffered to his lower back and shoulder following a car accident.

Randy claims to have made persistent attempts to procure the funds after insisting Sean's medical insurance would not be a viable form of payment.

This is not Sean's first run-in with the law as he was jailed for 90 days in 2002 for assaulting a man, and in 2011 a rental company filed lawsuit seeking $145,000 and $72,748 in lost revenue after he reportedly crashed their Bentley.

His reps later claimed his fiancée Chantel Kendall had been driving at the time.