Rochelle Humes has been spending time doing "home workouts" whilst practicing social distancing.

Rochelle Humes

Rochelle Humes

The Saturdays singer - who has daughters Alaia, six, and Valentina, three, with her husband Marvin Humes - is currently spending more time at home as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, and has said she's been using her time to keep fit with a variety of at-home exercise routines.

When asked how she's been spending her time in isolation, she said: "I've got a little bike at home, so I've been doing that. There are also so many good online workouts on YouTube and trainers doing live, free workouts via Instagram. I'm all for it. After I had Valentina I didn't want to leave the house because she was so small, but I wanted to up my fitness, so I got really into home workouts and I haven't looked back."

Spending time at home also means she and Marvin can't go on their usual date nights, so are instead doing their best to spend quality time together in the house.

The 'Hit List' host explained: "We always make time for them, or we try to. So when we're indoors we watch a box set. It's about making time for each other. We've just finished the BBC drama 'The Split', and 'Love Is Blind'."

And when life returns to normal, Rochelle and Marvin like to "get away" from their hectic working lives and "make new memories" with their kids.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper's TV Life magazine, she said: "Our ideal day is all four of us being together, whatever it is. But our favourite thing is getting away and making new memories with the kids. We're so lucky that we can do that."