Rochelle Humes dated Marvin Humes in secret because her manager didn't approve of their relationship.

Rochelle Humes

Rochelle Humes

The 'Saturdays' star was warned off from dating the JLS singer when they first started seeing each other because her manager felt it would damage their career but she did it anyway.

She said: "We were doing really well at the time. I remember having this meeting with our A and R manager, and I remember him saying to us, 'It's going really well, it's quite hard for girl bands because girls have to like you and not feel intimidated. The only thing you can do to mess this up is date someone from a boy band. If any of you date JLS then you're screwed. We were sort of dating in secret."

Rochelle and Marvin first met when they were 16 but nothing ever happened between the pair of them until they were older.

Explaining how they first met, she added: "We met actually when I was younger, when I was probably about 16. Nothing like that. Fast forward a few years on, he was in JLS, I was in the Saturdays. We were at a club, and they had put all the bands together ...

"I went to the toilet and my bag was on the chair. He took my phone out of my bag, called himself from my phone and got my number. It's weird. He's got the last laugh because I married him, but it's weird. In a creepy, restraining order way."

Rochelle would love to see her husband reunite with his JLS bandmates, as she confessed she's "holding a little candle" for it.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which airs on ITV on Saturday (04.05.19), she shared: "I'm holding a little candle. We're a big family, they get on so well and they're literally like brothers. I see so much of the boys I don't know, Never say never with them. They're always together, so it wouldn't surprise me."