Robin Wright felt a "responsibility" to finish 'House of Cards' after Kevin Spacey was sacked.

Robin Wright

Robin Wright

The 52-year-old actress - who was an executive producer on the political drama - was worried about what would happen to the programme after her co-star was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple men and she was thrilled Netflix decided to "resume [production] and finish off the way we always intended" following a production hiatus.

Asked if she felt what had happened was a betrayal of trust, she said: "No, not at all. The climate at the time was very hot and there was a lot of shock in the world and what do we do with this information?

"It was sensitive, and we really needed to ruminate on it and go, 'What do we do with this? We've got 600 people employed here, we've got a show that the fans are expecting us to finish, and that's a responsibility.' "

Robin - who has children Dylan and Hopper with ex-husband Sean Penn and married third husband Clement Giraudet last summer - recalled a humiliating experience from her modelling days where she was treated like a "thing", making her vow to take control of her own "path".

She told You magazine: "It was in Paris, there was a casting call, and it was, 'OK, come on, girls, get in line'.

"I thought we were just going in to meet the photographer - he's still a huge photographer today - and the cattle got in the line and we went in one by one. I remember seeing the girl in front of me - I was peeking around the corner - and they were, like, 'Take off your shirt.' She took off her shirt, she showed her breasts and they were, like, 'Next.' I had to go in and he went, 'They're too small' because my boobs were too small.

"I remember the humiliation. You are a commodity, a thing. After that, getting into commercials and movies, I didn't want to feel that any more, so you start to design your own path."