Robbie Williams is looking for actors to play Liam Gallagher and Take That in his 'Better Man' biopic.

Robbie Williams will play himself in the film

Robbie Williams will play himself in the film

The 47-year-old actor will be playing himself in the upcoming movie, but he's searching for the ideal performers to take on the role of his former bandmates - Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Mark Owen - and the Oasis legend.

According to reports, a casting call for the parts says "singing ability is a bonus but not essential", while they will need to be based in Australia due to coronavirus restrictions.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Robbie’s biopic is going to be filmed in Australia because that is where the director Michael Gracey is based.

"And because of COVID and the lockdowns there, it was decided it is best to film everything there.

"A casting call has gone out for actors to play Liam, Gary, Jason, Howard and Mark. Although none of them have to be able to sing, they’ve been told they need to have good Manchester accents and look like the lads back in the Nineties.”

Following reports Robbie could appear as a digital monkey in the film, Gary previously admitted he hopes the rest of Take That don't get the same treatment.

He said: "As a strapline, ‘I’m going to be a monkey in a film’ sounds weird to us – but I promise you there’ll be something clever in that. But I hope it’s ‘just’ Robbie in this biopic.”

However, the 50-year-old singer has faith in Michael, whom he described as a “talented man”.

He added: “I love Michael Gracey – he’s a talented man who I’ve met a few times.

“It’s an interesting idea and there’ll be a clever twist to it. No-one does Robbie better than Robbie – and he will have something clever that makes sense when you see it.”

Robbie will play himself as the CGI monkey in the biopic, as the movie will reportedly be about "how the rock star sees himself".

Michael confirmed: "[Robbie Williams] will be played and driven by Robbie Williams."

He also teased that the film will be "surreal" and "a bit like a fever dream", while confirming the 47-year-old singer's tracks will be "re-contextualised" and re-recorded.