Rob Lowe says Steven Tyler played a "big part" in his sobriety.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

The 55-year-old actor - who stopped drinking alcohol 30 years ago - revealed how important the Aerosmith frontman was in his decision to ditch booze.

He said: "When I first got sober, [I thought], 'My life is over. The fun is done. I'm not going to be cool'. I was probably sober two or three weeks maybe and I got a phone call from Steven Tyler, who I did not know.

"He called me and said, 'I heard you're in recovery and I just wanted to say hey, you're going to do great.'

"I thought, 'If it's good enough for Steven Tyler, it's good enough for me.' He's a big part of who I am today."

The former 'Parks and Recreations' star explained how seeing the 71-year-old rocker as someone who could have fun without drugs or alcohol made him realise it was possible to "turn a new page and have an even better life".

He told PEOPLE magazine: "I was so excited that I could still be cool and not have to be the life of the party.

"And that there was a great club of people in the world who have had fun, killed it, been there done and were willing and able to turn a new page and have an even better life. That's actually more fun and exciting."

And although the ex 'West Wing' star - who has two sons with wife Sheryl Berkoff - hasn't drank alcohol since 1990, he previously admitted that every decade, he finds another vice he needs to "get rid off".

He said: "Every 10 years of sobriety, I find something else I have to get rid of. I never thought I'd have a junk food thing but at the moment I find myself in the pantry at 3.30am eating Doritos and cheese strings, washed down by a Coke, and it's everything I love: it's secret, so satisfying, and a little self-destructive."