Rita Ora spent the Met Gala flirting with waiters.

Rita Ora and Kate Moss

Rita Ora and Kate Moss

The 28-year-old singer said fellow musician Lizzo, 31, was her "date" for the evening at the Costume Institute Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (06.05.19), and the pair enjoyed their night at the exclusive bash with supermodel Kate Moss and designer Marc Jacobs.

Appearing on 'The Tonight Show', she told host Jimmy Fallon: "Lizzo, she was so fun, she was my date. We all went with Marc Jacobs. It was like me, Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Lizzo, it was really fashiony.

"Lizzo and me were like drinking at the table. I was like, what are you looking at? She just kept flirting with all the waiters! I thought, let's get involved 'cause they're so handsome!

Rita joked that the hunky waiters were the pair's "entertainment" for the evening, but that all changed when she had a fan girl moment after spotting 'Believe' singer Cher at the event.

She admitted: "That was our entertainment. And then Cher came out and I freaked out!"

Rita was spotted in a stunning golden gown and posed with supermodel Kate as they arrived on the pink carpet at the ceremony.

The 'Let You Love Me' hitmaker joked that she felt under dressed at this year's glitzy event, with so many stars going above and beyond with the 'Camp' theme.

She added: "That was my seventh Met. It was great because everyone was really dressed up an I felt normally dressed for once!

"I wanted to go for the old glamour look, and then I looked around and I was like - jeez, I should just set my hair on fire or something."

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