Riley Keough says her relationship with her husband is "very progressive".

Riley Keough

Riley Keough

The 26-year-old has to strip off numerous times for the raunchy sex scenes in her new television show 'The Girlfriend Experience', but insists stuntman spouse Ben Smith-Petersen isn't worried about it.

She said: "He's fine. You know, he works in film as well so he understands how it works and its part of the job. He watched the whole season, he's very cool. We're like very progressive. He doesn't care about that kind of stuff."

Riley and Ben will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary next month (04.02.16), and the 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star admits she is stunned by just how fast the first year of their marriage has gone.

She added to E! News: "It's so weird - I feel like we just got married two months ago. I feel like the second year is going to go even faster, it's creepy - I don't like it!"

Riley is used to Hollywood and the idea of celebrity as her grandfather was late singer Elvis Presley, and her mother is Lisa Marie Presley.

While she is not in any rush to start a family with Ben just yet, she has an idea for just how big a brood she wants.

She laughed: "I definitely want more than two kids!"