Rebekah and Jamie Vardy have hired a security team to keep their children safe.

Rebekah Vardy

Rebekah Vardy

The couple are heading out to Russia to support the England team during the World Cup in June and have decided to hire a team to protect them for their own "peace of mind".

She told OK! magazine: "As we're bringing the kids to Russia we'll have our own security too, just because I want peace of mind. Our group is there for one reason - to support our husbands. It would be wrong for us to be making headlines. The wives and ­girlfriends represent the country, too. You won't see me dancing on tables or rolling out of nightclubs at 3am."

Meanwhile, Rebekah previously admitted she has been banned from having anymore children.

She shared: "I was with Ferne and her little girl Sunday, who is just so sweet! I mentioned having another child to Jamie and he was like, 'No, absolutely not. No more!' We have a nanny to help us out during the week, but at the weekends it's just us."

And it could be understandable why Jamie doesn't want anymore kids as Rebekah previously confessed she "nearly broke" her husband's fingers during her labour.

She recalled: "The pain of labour was so intense, I was in agony. I nearly broke Jamie's fingers. [The midwife] broke my waters without a consultant in the end because of the pain I was in, the level of my contractions and how long they were lasting."

Whilst Jamie added: "I didn't even watch my iPad this time! I was watching the Champions League during her labour with Sofia because Bex didn't want me anywhere near her, but this time I was giving her my fingers to break - they were pretty swollen afterwards. I felt like I needed two new titanium fingers!"