Rami Malek has "found happiness" with Lucy Boynton.

Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek

Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek

The 38-year-old actor and the 25-year-old actress started dating after meeting on the set of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and Rami says it is important to "latch on" to happiness wherever you find it.

He told the September issue of America's GQ magazine: "Hollywood gets this rap of a lot of lascivious, nasty things that take place within the confines of pre-production to post-production and studios and agents and whatnot. If you can find any type of happiness in it, latch on."

Before finding fame on Mr Robot, Rami lived with his parents in Los Angeles and worked in a restaurant, where he did everything he could to land a role.

He said: "If I saw someone who looked in any way producer-like, because the restaurant was in the middle of Hollywood, I would stick a headshot and a résumé into their to-go order."

Rami - who has a twin brother Sami - also revealed that his parents were not happy about his decision to become an actor as they had invested a lot of money into his education, when they moved to Los Angeles from Cairo, Egypt.

The Oscar winner explained: "I mean, my parents weren't exactly - they didn't love the idea of me being an actor. They came to this country from Egypt so we could have a very successful life. They put every dollar they had into our education, and to see it being thrown into this game of risk and chance that, for many, seemed destined for failure ... It was not the best ending to the really trying aspect of them moving their entire lives, that upheaval from Cairo to Los Angeles to start anew."