Prince Jackson feels his father's "guidance".

Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson

The 22-year-old star - whose dad was the late King of Pop Michael Jackson - revealed the 'Thriller' hitmaker "always" wanted his children to "chase their dreams", and so he's proud to have launched a movie review YouTube channel with his younger brother Blanket earlier this year.

He told Extra: "My dad was always a strong believer in going for what you want and 'go follow your dreams and chase your dreams...'

"So for us to be able to kind of sit there and hopefully make a career about talking about film and looking at film -- my brother wants to be a director, I love producing -- it's just, it's definitely, there's some form of guidance there that kind of is ushering us into the next generation."

He revealed the goal for the channel on the video sharing platform is to "bring an educated yet family-friendly vibe" for viewers tuning in.

He explained: "Right now, it's just me, my brother, and my cousin Taj, one camera in a room in our house, and we're really focused on reviewing movies and current movies as they come out.

"We're hoping to bring an educated yet family-friendly vibe into the movie-watching arena... We're hoping to be in other forms of visual media -- video games, virtual stuff like that."

Meanwhile, Prince has also reflected on his dad's legendary music career, and admitted despite finding it difficult to chose a stand-out track, he does have his favourites.

He added: "One of my favorite songs... is 'Man in the Mirror' because it's such a great call to action, you know, everybody can get behind. It is like, 'If you really want to make a change for the world, you need to change yourself first and you need to really look within and see yourself for who you actually are.' "

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