Pitbull inspired John Travolta to go bald.



The 64-year-old actor recently revealed his new look and revealed that his pal Pitbull has been trying to convince him to adopt the look for some time, even photoshopping pictures of John bald to show him how good it would look.

Speaking to Extra, John said: "A good friend, Armando Perez, Pitbull -- he lives his life like this. He would send pictures of me where I have all my hair, and he'd superimpose no hair and say, 'I prefer this,' so I thought ... Maybe it's time to do it."

And John's wife Kelly Preston is also a huge fan.

John said: "She loves it... She has always loved the idea."

And John is thrilled by the reaction to his new look, joking that the last time people were so interested in him was when he mispronounced Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Oscars.

He said: "It's been a lot easier. Life's simpler. The biggest fun has been just the response to it. I felt like Zoolander or something - I came out and my new look became headline news. The only other time I was a leading story was when I mispronounced at the Oscars."

John and Pitbull have been good friends since the rapper provided the soundtrack to Travolta's 2018 movie 'Gotti'.

John previously spoke of their friendship, saying: "I listen to Pitbull. He is my man. I love my Pitbull. He told me he wanted to be part of it. I said 'Oh my God, we would be so lucky to have you to be part of this.' He wrote a beautiful song called 'Amore,' which is at the opening and at the end of the film."