Pink has revealed her “first girlfriend” left her for her brother.



The ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ hitmaker has recalled feeling “very confused” after the girl she dated as a teenager ditched her in favour of pursuing a romance with Pink’s sibling.

When asked if she has ever "gone for a swim in the lady pond”, she told Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’: "Okay, my first girlfriend, I was 13 and she left me for my brother. I was very confused by that because she kissed me first and that's gross."

Pink – who has two children, nine-year-old Willow and three-year-old Jameson, with her husband Carey Hart – has previously been open about her sexuality, and said in 2017 she doesn’t want to be “put in a box” or labelled.

She explained at the time: “I just wanna live my life. I don’t need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am. Because I don’t know yet. And I never say never …”

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old singer recently credited “couples’ counselling” with making her marriage work.

She said: "For us, the answer is there's no quit button. Unless we find one. Right now, we don't have one. But it's also couples' counselling. Learning how to speak the same language, because we don't speak the same language.

"We love being a family. And we both come from families that gave up, and that's okay. That was their journey, that was the journey we all were supposed to be on. But for us, we don't want to do that."

And Pink also praised the 45-year-old retired motocross professional for supporting all her dreams.

She added: "A lot of people get Carey wrong when they think, 'Oh [he is] this moto-dude, hypermasculine and tattoos.’ He's just the most sensitive, supportive guy in the world. He never says no. Any dream I've ever had, 'Yes, I'm with you. Whatever you want to do.’ It takes swallowing egos sometimes. It's beautiful because it allows us to have this crazy, magical adventure and the kids."

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