Pharrell Williams was inspired to write 'Hollaback Girl' after overhearing a conversation with Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

The 2005 track by Gwen Stefani - which Pharrell co-wrote - was a huge hit around the world, and he admits that Naomi, 50, unknowingly helped to create the record.

Appearing on the 'No Filter with Naomi' YouTube channel, Pharrell recalled: "You told somebody who was like trying to speak to you or whatever you were like, 'I’m sorry, I have a name like I'm not no hollaback girl' and I thought that was so amazing and that ended up being the chorus to ‘Hollaback Girl'."

Naomi is one of the world's best-known models and she's admitted to having a tunnel vision whenever she takes to the catwalk.

The London-born star revealed she "don’t see anybody" when she's modelling.

Naomi explained: "I’m completely in the clouds when I walk. I don’t see anybody - I just see a light, that’s all. I don't see anybody, I don't hear anything - it’s like I just see this tunnel and that’s it."

Meanwhile, Naomi recently claimed that 2021 will be a "an amazing year".

The model acknowledged that there are "a few more bumps to get through" amid the coronavirus pandemic, but ultimately, she's confident things will be great again by the end of the year.

She shared: "At the end of 2020, my main reflections were on the need for us to move upward and forward.

"We have to rise to every challenge and walk through it. And we will get through it.

"2021 is going to be a great year, we’ve just got a few more bumps to get through first. Nothing disappears overnight, but we just need to get through this first quarter.

"After that, I believe that this is going to be an amazing year. Actually, I don’t just believe it will be; I feel it will be."