Peter Andre is stressing out about his daughter Princess turning 13.

Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Princess is set to become a teenager this month and Peter, 47 - who also has son Junior 15, with ex Katie Price, along with kids Amelia, six and Theodore, three, with wife Emily - admitted he is not ready for his oldest daughter to reach the milestone.

He wrote on Instagram: "About to have my first ever teenage daughter. Stress... nah, she'll be fine right? A nun right? (sic)"

He then shared a clip where he asked his daughter: "How are you going to be 13? You're the first daughter I've ever had that's going to be a teenager. I'm stressing, do I need to get over it?"

Princess replied: "Yep. Because it is what it is."

Meanwhile, Princess and Junior's mother recently admitted it's "taken bloody time" to become friends with Peter after their split.

The former flames - who were married for four years until 2009 - amicably co-parent their children, and the 42-year-old star revealed she's even struck up a friendship with her ex's new wife Emily.

She told new! magazine: "It's taken bloody time! I do like Emily as well. We're like chalk and cheese. We're completely and utterly different!

"So when I go to Pete's, I think he thinks I'm lively. I'm like, 'You were with me for six years, Pete! You know what I'm like. You were actually the same. You're nuts as well.'

"But I say to him, 'You're getting old now!' It's funny. We have a laugh."

The former glamour model suggested her ex-husband sometimes "forgets" what she can be like despite their past relationship.

She said: "When I see Pete, he says, 'You're so bonkers and mad'. I'm like, 'You know what I'm like, Pete!' I think he forgets."