Peter Andre has seen a UFO.

Peter Andre

Peter Andre

The 48-year-old singer says he’s seen “many things” he can’t explain and there is one particular incident which sticks in his mind which occurred when he was with his brother and children and they saw something “jolting” in the sky at “incredibly high speeds”.

Writing in his New! magazine column, he said: "I've been asked if I've ever seen something extraordinary, and yes I've seen many thing that I can't explain, including once with my brother and the kids.

"This particular time, there was an object jolting from one part of the sky to the other at incredibly high speeds. Of course it could have just been an unidentified object and it doesn't necessarily mean it was from another planet, but it was still something that couldn't be explained."

And following the publication of a US government report on UFOs last week, which said it found no evidence of aliens but acknowledged 143 reports of "unidentified aerial phenomena" since 2004 that could not be explained, Peter admits it’s “amazing” to think there could be other forms of “intelligent life” out there.

He said: "On another note, I've been watching unexplained phenomena on UFOs. It's amazing to think that there could be and possibly intelligent life, elsewhere in our universe. I definitely believe that there is life elsewhere."