Pete Davidson thinks he should quit 'Saturday Night Live'.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson

The 26-year-old comedian first appeared on the iconic TV show back in 2014 - but Pete has now suggested he may be about to walk away from the comedy programme, revealing he's already held "conversations" about his long-term future on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Asked about the chats he'd had with the show's bosses, Pete - who was previously engaged to pop star Ariana Grande - told Charlamagne Tha God: "It's a hard thing to do cause you don't want to ever pull the trigger too early. But everybody's always been like, 'You'll know when you know and it'll be all right.'"

Pete feels uneasy with how he's treated on the show, admitting he's often unsure whether he is the joke or whether he's simply "in on the joke".

He reflected: "I personally think I should be done with that show because they make fun of me on it.

"It's like, whose side are you on? You know, I have a weird feeling in that building where I don't know whose team they're playing for, really - If I'm the joke or I'm in on the joke."

Despite this, Pete hailed 'Saturday Night Live' creator Lorne Michaels, saying he's "treated me with nothing but love and he's like a father figure to me".

But the outspoken stand-up star - who has also dated the likes of Kate Beckinsale and Kaia Gerber - also admitted there's a "cutthroat" culture among the cast.

He shared: "Everyone's trying to get their s**t on. Everyone wants to be the next thing.

"So it's not like a loving, care ... Like you're not going to get coddled over there. You know, they don't give a f**k at the end of the day."