Pedro Pascal feels a sense of "shame" he didn't do more to stop Donald Trump's rise to the US Presidency.

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

The 'Game of Thrones' actor comes from a family of liberals in Chile and has admitted to being frustrated by the current political landscape in America, feeling he should have been more proactive in trying to stop the rise of populist ideas.

Speaking to ShortList magazine, Pedro explained: "To be really candid about that. I carry around a certain amount of shame in terms of not doing more. Like I said, liberalism is in my blood.

"As hard work as it is to be in the arts of any kind, or to make a living from something that you feel passionate about, just posting something on social media isn't enough.

"Yeah, I marched with my sister against the Iraq war in 2003. Yes, my family and I have always been sort of, I suppose, very liberal doers, when given the opportunity.

"But I don't have the balls to give up my career and dedicate everything I have to any particular cause. And yes, right now, I feel guilty about that."

Pedro also admitted to hating the 2011 movie 'The Iron Lady', in which Meryl Streep played the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Mrs Thatcher was an ally of the controversial Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and Pedro feels the film gave a distorted impression of the truth.

Discussing his attitude towards the UK, Pedro said: "I'm going to put it this way. I remember seeing 'The Iron Lady'. I got really upset about how soft, charming and cute the movie was. And, as great as Meryl Streep was, I was very uncomfortable, not with her portrayal, but the movie as a whole.

"That movie. That movie was full of s**t. Let's leave it at that."

The full interview with Pedro appears in this week's issue of ShortList, which is out today (23.08.17).