Paul Rudd's children are more impressed by his success at the Hot Ones challenge than any of his movies.

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

The 'Living With Yourself' actor - who has Jack, 15, and Darby, 10, with wife Julie Yaeger - managed to eat all 10 chicken wings, which are served with increasingly spicy hot sauces, on Sean Evans' YouTube show 'First We Feast', and his kids were very proud of him for completing the food feat.

Speaking to Krista Smith on her podcast 'Present Company', he said: "Oh, I think that's a tie because my kids love Marvel and they really get a kick out of the fact that I'm in it, but boy do they love Hot One.

"You know, I had seen some episodes of Hot Ones, but my son is 15 and then he turned my daughter onto it and she's 10.

"They watched a bunch of them and so when I did Hot Ones it was my kids who were really, really excited about it.

"They would always say, 'Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna do it?' And when I got to do it they would say, 'So, next week, that's when you're going on?' "

The 'Ant-Man' actor's son was particularly impressed because Paul brought home all the sauces so the teenager could tackle the challenge himself - and it left him feeling ill for three days afterwards.

Paul added: "I brought all of the bottles of hot sauce home because I knew my son would want to try them, and he and a buddy of his came over to the house and they did it, they did their own Hot Ones challenge and it took my kids down for about three days.

"He couldn't, he felt awful for three days, he also drank a ton of milk -- I didn't drink any milk or any water. I was surprised by that, I wasn't expecting it. But yeah, my kid drank a ton of it and I don't think that did him any favours."

Rudd currently stars in the Netflix show Living with Yourself, in which he plays a man who undergoes a mysterious treatment only to discover that he has been replaced with a better version of himself.

Living with Yourself is now on Netflix.

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